CNS Consult is now part of the

Capital Consulting International Group (CCi)

Offering exceptional Specialist Project Management and Claims Consultancy for construction, engineering & insurance.




CNS Consult are specialist consultants, advisors and experts acting to protect your interests on your construction, engineering or technology projects. We anticipate, identify, investigate and solve planning, quantum, financial and contractual challenges so investors, owners or contractors are certain of success.



CNS consultants include experts in delay, disruption and quantum who have the technical and forensic skills to get to the heart of the most complex issues. We can provide independent assessments…


CNS advisory services can be provided either independently or as an integral part of your organisation. Through our core experiences of planning, quantum, financial and contractual we are able to advise…


CNS was originally founded to provide planning services in the resolution of disputes on complex construction projects. With planning at our core, our consultants are professionals with thorough knowledge…


CNS is an accomplished organisation, with an ethos for finding the simplest solutions to complex construction project challenges internationally as well as at home in the UK.

CNS understands that teamwork is the key to success and work closely with our clients team to adopt, adapt, and improve their business protocols.

CNS looks to provide the right methods in order to save hours of wasted effort.

By taking complex issues and simplifying them, from the chaos comes clarity.
And finally, clear communication and articulation then leads to
understanding and resolution!

CNS Consult

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