Our dedicated team will work with you to identify causation, culpable parties, effect in time and money and produce a cost effective means of securing your entitlement / liability.

We have extensive experience working on a wide range of construction, engineering and technology projects. Our consultants will provide evidence backed factually based entitlement documents on all manner of delay, disruption, extension of time and monetary matters working with lawyers when necessary to ensure legal and contractual compliance.

We will manage claims and negotiate outcomes in the best commercial interests of our clients. If claims cannot be settled in negotiation and become contentious then we can prepare, manage and deliver a dispute resolution strategy focusing on a cost effective negotiated settlement alongside:

• Mediation
• Adjudication

Or provide consultancy services in support of:

• Arbitration
• Litigation


Claims arise on virtually all projects. How they are managed, can be the difference between their agreement or escalating into a dispute.

The best way to avoid claims becoming disputes is to carefully plan and control your project and understand and adhere to all of your contractual obligations. CNS has very experienced consultants who can work with you to ensure that before your project starts you are in this position and stay there through to completion.

We will ensure you are aware of the practicalities sitting behind each of your obligations in terms of:


All documents forming the contract


Linking a plan and programme fully inclusive of your obligations


Detailed short term forecasting


Monitoring performance against the programme


Ensuring the contract is properly administered


Forecasting change into the programme to provide certainty of outturn


Setting in place the right record keeping and monitoring them

Any entitlement expectations will then be realistic, which is crucial to allow for agreement of claims before they escalate to a dispute.


CNS specialise in the resolution of disputes involving time and money. This requires credible objective analysis of contractual responsibility and the facts of what happened on your project, when it happened and the consequences.

Our consultants are relentless in the forensic work required to establish entitlement to time and money. This ensures expectations are appropriately managed, which is essential to achieve our aim of a negotiated settlement of your dispute.

Most important with doing any form of forensic analysis is to separate and clearly identify both performance issues caused by the contractor and the changes and variation issues caused by the client/ employer. Then to articulate and demonstrate the impact of each in order to show culpability of each party.

Through knowledge, experience and innovative thinking we will work with you and your team to present your case in an accurate, simple and easily understood format. Whilst our focus is always for a cost effective negotiated settlement our services are comprehensive, covering:






Arbitration Support


Litigation Support

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